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Jul. 2nd, 2013 11:16 am
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It's bingo time! I had been making come hither eyes at the negotiation or competition squares, which I haven't got, but this is totally what the wildcard is for. Some interesting things on there... the rephrasing of obedience/disobedience this year has me mulling over some kind of contrary obedience story (you told me to do X, I am doing X in a way that's going to majorly inconvenience you. Is there a better trope name for that?) as it's something of a narrative kink of mine.

I haven't written in ages, lacking either time or inclination, so hopefully this can be a bit of a creative outlet. After I've been on holiday. And finished my current study module. And moved house to my new job. Erm. Time management, I have it! 

Caaaaaaaard )

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I picked up one of Frank Tuttle’s Markhat stories via [personal profile] cyprinella  when it was going free on Amazon, and so far I’ve read The Mister Trophy, Dead Man’s Rain, The Cadaver Client and Hold the Dark. They’re a fun paranormal mystery read, with a protagonist who seems to be a kinder and more functional adult with a bit more emotional and social intelligence than I’m necessarily used to from my detective figures. (I need to stop benchmarking everything against the Dresden Files don’t I?).

The books are set in a city called Rannit, and I keep trying to draw (early, pre-Vetinari) Ankh Morpork comparisons to the set up. It’s a relatively low tech multi-species city with a civil peacekeeping force that isn’t terribly earnest about enforcing the law if it’s too much bother, and an obvious class divide. And a big mucky river, but you get those everywhere. It’s a lot less fleshed out than Ankh Morpork, though to be fair what I’ve read so far has been short stories and a novella so Tuttle hasn’t had that much space to flesh Rannit out even if he were so inclined. That hasn’t bothered me as I’ve found skimming along at the surface level of the world waiting for the what-happens-next and who’s-doing-it satisfying.

More thoughts on Markhat, with spoilers for Hold the Dark and dead Man’s Rain and a vague spoiler for the Doctor Who finale which I imagine everyone has already seen if they want to )

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I currently have ...30? 30! works archived at the AO3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 30 (the first thing I posted there), and I’ll tell you three things I currently like about it.

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Results you get when checking Amazon for the release date of the next Rivers of London book (which is in like two months!!!111!):



Homefront Slim Pro-V Advanced Unisex Abdominal Abs Toning Belt (NO REPLACEMENT PADS OR GEL REQUIRED EVER)

Thank you Amazon, that's so helpful.

Les Mis

May. 23rd, 2013 12:27 am
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I FINISHED READING LES MIS. I thought the day might never come.

Spoilers for book published in 1862 below the cut.

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Throwing this out there as I think my current music selection and I may now be fed up of one another.

So, does anyone have any favourite music that they think would be suited for a jogging/cardio type playlist? Stuff that's worked for me before has often had a strong or steady beat, and I'm generally wired to be quite lyrics driven, so if the words are clever or memorable (or just fun to belt out on the inside of my head) then I'm likely to find them motivational.

...this is probably terribly vague. *Makes hopeful eyes at the internet*
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Once upon a time, I did a mini fill for the Dresden Files Kink Meme for a prompt that requested the whole cast as wizards at Hogwarts. And then I did a follow up, and another follow up, and maybe it got a tiiiiiiny bit out of hand. In all honesty, this needs a good edit, and at some point in the well intentioned future, I may do that and AO3 it. For the time being, in case anyone wants slightly easier access than trawling back through various posts on the meme, I’ve stuck it together on my journal.

The Hogwarts verse
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 26000
Pairing/Character(s): Harry and John mainly, alongside quite a lot of the main cast.
Warnings: Potential liberties taken with HP verse elements, themes of bigotry regarding blood ‘purity’ as in HP verse. Rather a bit of swearing. Many words of fic in which not all that much actually happens.
Summary: Harry gets his Hogwarts letter. Featuring Harry Dresden as the world’s friendliest Hufflepuff, and Marcone the angry Slytherin.

Harry at Hogwarts )

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I feel like I have spent THIS ENTIRE DAY on the cusp of a sneeze. I kind of want to itch the inside of my face. Ew.

Anyway, an Id-fluff ficlet brought to you by my need for a brain cleanser on my lunch break.

1057 words of Hendricks and Gard playfighting, because that is my favourite. Matureish, no warnings required, sexual situations but no sex, build-up-but-cut-to-black-fic.

Fiiiiiiiiic )

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Just finished reading the latest Dresden Files book, and my post-read flail is below the cut. I strongly recommend going in unspoiled, so look away now if you haven’t finished.

Spoilers spoilers no really spoilers )
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In my request for prompts to write on the train, Luce asked for 'Epistolary sequel to the bonnet fic'. Here's a G rated no-warnings required ficlet that will make absolutely no sense unless you've already read Buckets of Bonnets.

Epistolary Bonnets )

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In my request for prompts to write on the train, Binz asked for ‘Hendricks driving the Blue Beetle. For Reasons.’ Here’s a G-rated, no warnings required ficlet

My two favorite allies )
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I have just realised that the remainder of 2012 is going to be The Time of Much Laundry, Bags and Trains.

According to my compulsively backed up diary (without which I’d descend into a pit of geographical-temporal confusion) I’m spending every weekend until the end of the year getting a train to and from some distant celebratory gathering (...and maybe a panicked shopping trip in London?). I quite like train trips; it’s a slice of time where I can read, or prat around on the internet, or maybe even take a nap without the vague guilt of, well, if you have spare time, you really should be doing X/Y/Z.

But what I really like doing on trains is writing. Yes, if I’m writing porn, this does occasionally involve contorting myself into bizarre positions so that my unsuspecting neighbour doesn't get an eyeful of smut, but it’s still fun.

Except at the moment I keep staring at blank pages/documents with an equally blank mind. So, flist, (and random passing strangers), I’d like to request prompts, if you please. Give me something to write on the train! If you want timestamp fic of something I’ve already written, that’s totally fine, as are new things or prompts for fandoms I haven’t written in but you know I know (...though I don’t promise to actually be any good at writing in those fandoms!)

Comments are only open on Dreamwidth, but you’re welcome there anon/openID etc.

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I’ve already not failed out of kink bingo this time, as I‘ve covered the ‘at least one fanwork’ proviso, but I’d like to be very un-me like and get an actual bingo. Which leaves me with exposure/exhibitionism, wildcard, and bondage (wrist/ankle restraints) to fill before the 31st.

And no ideas! Well, for the wildcard thing there’s an Erlking/Harry/Bob fic that’s been languishing in my gdocs foreeeeeeeeeever and is a bit of a kinkfest, but I think it might take me too long to knock into shape.

Bondage? Nothing is jumping into my mind as wanting to be written. Erm. Erm. Hogwarts verse future fic? My vague mental map of that verse has Harry and John taking a gap year after they finish school and being pretty adventurous with their magic and sex lives. Not sure I could argue that as a standalone fic, but possibly. Or something with Kincaid, because I’m pretty sure Murphy ties him up but has to go through a series of restraints to find something he doesn’t just slip to show that he can.

Exposure/exhibitionism... should be easy, as Harry-is-an-exhibitionist is a fanon I endorse hard, and yet. I have nothing. ...Harry meets Thor or someone in a bar and they party in style? I’m always up for gratuitous Norse characters.

Ack. *hands*
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Title: A Little Touch of Harry in the Night
Fandom: Dresden Files
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1999
Pairing/Character(s): Harry Dresden/John Marcone
Notes: Written for the sleepy/unconscious square of kink bingo.
Warnings: None applicable.
Summary: Harry has had a long few days. Marcone helps him relax.
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I’ve spent the weekend gallivanting around my old university town with some friends I’ve not seen in aaaaages, and the last couple of days pottering about the peak district in an inept, city dweller fashion (why did no-one tell me cows were that intimidating?), so this is a slightly belated post! But, for Podtogether 2012, this is my reading of New Age, by Binz and Shiplizard:

Title: New Age
Author: [ profile] binz [ profile] shiplizard 
Reader:[ profile] Grenegome 
Author’s Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2148
Time: 0:13:13
Pairing/Character(s): Anastasia Luccio/Sigrun Gard
Author’s Summary: The story of Alicia Nelson as told by Captain Luccio (who was sent into her body) to Sigrun Gard (who chooses the slain) and what came of Luccio thereafter.

Fic and Podfic at AO3

Concrit totally welcomed, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to podfic, except for enjoying myself, which is probably an important way of measuring success anyway.

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Fic! And podfic! Tasty, tasty podfic!

This was fun to write, and even more fun to listen to :-) As part of Podtogether 2012, I’ve written a fic for Binz to podfic, and Binz and Shiplizard have written a fic for me to podfic. Podficcing is a pretty new arena for me, and listening to Binz read is alllllll kinds of cool. Go, download, enjoy! Binz is listed as an author on the AO3, so she’ll get notifications for any podfic feedback you’d like to leave :-)

Title: Idle Fancy
Author: [ profile] Grenegome 
Reader: [ profile] binz 
Fandom: Dresden Files
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 5786
Time: 40 minutes
Pairing/Character(s): Sigrun Gard/Nathan Hendricks, John Marcone
Notes: Written for Podtogether 2012, and the vanilla square of Kink Bingo Round Five.
Warnings: None applicable.
Summary: Hendricks gets rescued. Gard has a birthday. There is wooing.

Fic and Podfic at AO3

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Excitement! Card! Under the cut! I have a lovely picture for my wildcard, but as I am failtastic at posting images, I'll just stick with sharing the html table card :-)

I can see quite a few lines I could aim for here. Wheeee.

Oh, and if there's anything you see and think, omg, I want to see you write X! With Y! then feel free to shout out, in case it tickles my fancy.

CARD \o/ )
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People out there who like urban fantasy stories, who haven’t happened across the Rivers of London series yet, by Ben Aaronovitch, might want to check them out.

Particularly if you like:

Protagonists who actually Google the things they don’t know but need to.
Magic that someone keeps hopefully applying the scientific method to.
Sarky comments about the Daily Mail. And Northerners.
Old school, upper class, Old Etonian-style traditions of magic being taught to a protagonist who very much isn’t from that background, and who doesn’t fall into the habit of thinking he’s getting the true or only story of the way it works. Post modern magician?

Having just read the third book, Whispers Under Ground, a couple of spoilerish thoughts under the cut, and The Fic You Should Write So I Don’t Have To.

Cut for Moderate Spoilers )

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I need to take up posting more often than to say things like "I won't be online for a while!"

Anyway, I may not be online for a while, because I'm off camping until the 12th, but I presume there will be Wifi in cafes and so on, so you might see me bobbing around. Then, on the 14th, off to the other side of the pond. EXCITING!

Take care guys, see you soon.
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Hey guys,

I’m locking up comments on LJ because a prolonged wave of spam has started to get on my nerves. I’m not a prolific poster, so I don’t think that should inconvenience anyone! You’re still very welcome to comment over on Dreamwidth.

At some point, when I have more time and am feeling super organised, I might reshuffle my flists so I’m not following the same people in both places.

While I’m here, if someone needs an AO3 invite (and you don’t have to know me, random passing strangers are welcome!) feel free to take the below:


In other news, oh my life. How come everything happens at once? I always seem to be busier towards summer, but this is getting silly.
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